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Heartily view to Parents/Guardian's/Teachers:-

Being the child first and most important teacher, you can encourage the child’s love of learning by participating in the child’s learning activities and by making them enjoyable.

Working together on the activities given in his/her class or at home, you can help the child in developing his/her reading and writing skills. Psychologically child learns what he/she wants to learn, not what is written in a book or what the teacher tells him.

So in order to make the child want to learn, the process of learning has to be made interesting, enjoyable and stimulating. This is what we have endeavoured to do in this institution.
We are giving below some suggestion to make the process of learning both enjoyable and rewarding:-

(i) Choose a time when the child is in a sweet, relaxed mood.
(ii) Give the child a colourful writing material, such as thick pencils or crayons.
(iii) Don’t attempt to do too many pages at one time or expect that every page be completed at one sitting. Move on to some other activity if the child gets frustrated or loses interest.
(iv) Discuss each activity with the child in a pleasant manner.
(v) And last but not least, don’t forget to praise the child’s effort.

Surroundings of the school

Bandikui Public is a co-educational English medium school established in the year 2005 founded by Respected.
“Late Shri Dinesh Chand Jhalani”
This institution is a registered body under Rajasthan society, Registration Act 1958, its opening has been active in the field of Education and this unit is being organized by a learned and responsible Management society.

Aims of the school

The School aims at all round development of the Young kids, to accomplish this, special efforts are made to help the wards to become mature, character, oriented, competitive and lead a socially meaningful productive life. Thus the students are encouraged to strive after excellence in every field to be clear and firm, courageous in action and in the service of the country.

A Highly Presentation for Play Group & Nursery

Play group / Nursery Classes are called Palna Ghar in which our lovely children are nurtured like a small plants. A school or Ashram for children, aged from three to five is also called (Kindergarten). All the kids have essentially need to give them highly affection or protection as a Nurse, Mother and Lovely Goddess.
B.P.S has been presenting this opportunity since 2005 Directed by Late Sh. Dinesh Chand Jhalani in Bandikui. So all Public members are opened to avail this opportunity leading by dedicated teachers.
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